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A Healthy environment for evolving minds!


It's time we acknowledged that children are a product of their environment!

We have created TALC to be an enriching space where children are respected for their being – their emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual selves.

A healthy space where the focus is on mentoring and not “schooling”. We at TALC  believe in the power of 'choice' - children can choose the subjects they'd like to study, the learning style they would like to follow, and also chose how they would like to be assessed. 

TALC's Humanistic Approach to education is about valuing and cherishing the child's personality and nurturing their growth along with their academic journey and not limiting child's learning only for grades!


Stimulating Learning Spaces

TALC is a learning space which encourages children to be free-thinker, where mentors are a part of their inner circle as a confidant, guide and cheerleader.

Children are nurtured to be self-aware, confident, unpretentious & fearless - qualities that are important for tomorrow's game-changers.

All efforts at TALC are directed towards ensuring children feeling proud of who they are, accepting their strengths and learning to manage their struggles to proudly say

"I am WHO I AM"



Choice at TALC is a norm. 

TALC is about providing formal education in an informal setup. 


Children are involved in choosing the curriculum that suits their learning interest. They choose the learning process, their goals & the skills they want to develop. The framework is to enable children to discover themselves than to restrict their journey.

The power of choice in self-discovery


Mentors not Teachers

The role of a mentor in each child's life is to respect the being they are – their unique emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual self.

They ensure that children have a judgement free, healthy learning space where the focus is on mentoring and not “schooling”. 

"A Guru and not a Teacher"


BMI and Child Centrizity©

With a three-dimensional approach towards eduction, TALC has redefined the education space with the Body-Mind-Intellect© System​.

A healthy body and happy mind is the basic requisite for inquisitive learners. 

 A healthy body, happy mind and the feeling of being accepted



6 hours of lectures are too much for anybody, let alone children.

Combat sports, yoga, exercise and unstructured time are so crucial for a healthy body. The impact of a healthy body on a child's intellect cannot be emphasised enough.

This synchronicity works wonders at TALC towards the  holistic development and well-being of children.


" A child lost in thought is a child that is truly rich."

We would like our children to express their thoughts and emotion, with no apprehensions.

At TALC,  children have a physically, emotionally & intellectually safe environment, to explore the depths of their curiosities and emotional quotient (EQ). 


The empowering philosophy at TALC is that child choses the curriculum, the pedagogy and the technique to learn. 

Our role is to introduce the child to the academic frame work and the various ways they can learn.

This unique method creates magic at TALC,  as children are now self-motivated, happy and self-driven learners. 

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