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An Organic Framework

TALC  provides a learning experience based on soft boundaries that children are encouraged and empowered to explore. Rather than presenting a child with a strict framework, it is more productive to give a child the freedom to push against their boundaries and learn in an organic yet risk-free space. Where each student is a growing sapling, TALC is the greenhouse that allows them to grow, mature and spread their roots while providing them with a place safe from the dangers that growing in the wild would bring and free of the restrictions of growing in a vase!

Notebook and Pen

Curriculum Framework

NIOS & Cambridge

Children at TALC give their board exams as Private Candidates 



The board exams from both of these frameworks allow students to pick and choose subjects with very little restrictions, making learning relevant,  joyful and suitable for future career paths.

Syllabus content in most subjects is relevant, contextual, fun and challenging for most students. 



Students can structure their time around their day, creating more time for their interests, while learning at their own pace and still not missing out on academics. 

Academics, internships and the child's own interests are given equal weightage.  

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The Formation of Self 


Writing exams as a private candidate encourages children to explore and develop their identities in tandem with their academic goals.

Students may choose their subjects and pace thier exams, so that they may explore their interests and spend more time researching subjects they like, while disovering their passions.

The lack of the rigidity that is imposed in traditional schools, does not deprive students of any experience, rather, it paves way for meaningful experiences and for students to take the initiative in their studies.


Despite popular misconceptions, NIOS is a largely accredited and accepted board of study among colleges all over Asia, the UK, Canada and the US. Furthermore it can be used to apply for any governments exams and positions.

CAMBRIDGE is a globally renowned. 

Given the nature of the examination & the flexibility of the board's schedules, students can take their learning beyond their classrooms and into internships to gain exposure in their chosen fields.

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TALC will have a meeting with the parents and child to get an understanding of what the parents want from TALC, and to gain an understanding of the child. TALC will then hold an observational meeting with the child, during which they will be given a small series of tasks so that the mentors may get an understanding of the child’s strengths, and areas in need of improvement. 


This observation looks at the child based on three parameters- their body, mind and intellect. That is to say, observers will take note of the child’s physical abilities, their emotional intelligence as well as their comprehension and ability to understand different topics. 


The mentor’s understanding of the child will be compiled into a report which will in turn be shared with both the parent and the child.


Under this process, the admission will only be declined if the parents’ own views do not align with TALC’s perspective on education and alternative learning.

The child and their mentor will then arrive at a schedule and framework that is suitable for the child.

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TALC is an inclusive space that believes the potential of every child is equal, and that some children simply require more guidance or help than others to unlock this potential. As an alternative learning space, TALC applies a child centric approach to every student, aided by professionals in the fields of psychology and through open communication with students in regards to their needs. At TALC, no child is left behind.

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