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I like to be included but in my own unique way, at my pace, and in a way I feel safe and accepted for 

Who I Am ! 

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My pace of work

In whatever I do


My language

to understand me

My Designs

doing things their way I like it

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My Colours

As I see the beauty, my way

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My skills

academics & beyond

I respect my 'being' & I want to be understood and supported, not 'trained'


Helps me with my sensory and other unique needs.

Speech Therapy

To understand me, you need to understand my language :)

spl education

Helps me learn in a way that suits my style & pattern of learning to help me achieve my life's objective - not what the world thinks I need!

White Structure


Travel, weaving, block printing, cooking, & many more skills will help me live my life better and be independent.

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