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Learning from the experts!

We have associated with the best in the field,  working with organisations led by experts who are passionated about their work.


 The passion they bring makes learning so much more joyful and a whole new experience. 

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Dr Radhika Jain, Co-founder of First Drop Theatre is an Expressive Arts therapist and combines the elements of Expressive Arts with the tools of Theatre. At TALC,  she works with children on self-expression and she weaves magic! She also has a PhD in Molecular Microbiology from Germany and has corporate experience of 7 years in the field of Consulting and Market Research.

Ms Neesha Amrish, founder of fashion label "Aeshaane" which weaves Ahimsa Silk - cruelty free organic silk counts leading personalities like Ms Indra Nooyi and Ms Shabana Azmi as her clients. Her work is so unique that they are exhibited at Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

She is the reason for introducing block printing at TALC and has been one of our biggest cheerleaders. She has single handedly helped us set up our block printing studio. Our student Gautham earned his first salary from his work for her bags!!


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Mr Satish and his wife Ms Ambili have dedicated their life to dance.

They bring the same passion to our environment and teach children various dance forms.

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Whitefield Martial Arts is a well established and renowned martial arts academy. Raj Kiran sir, with his love for our children and his passion for this form of martial art, brings out the best in each child during the Kickboxing or Muay Thai classes.

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Ms Indhu Jana, is a magical combination of being a trained Yoga master and a fun teacher. She makes yoga fun and incorporates the love for ones body through her explanations.

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Ms Supriya is a student of "Smart - Movement Art & Therapyinstitute. She conducts the "Expressive Body" sessions and works with our children to understand their emotions through movement and listening to their body. 

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