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Children are a product of their environment!

TALC is a community that includes management, parents, mentors, subject matter experts and people who are passionate about working with children. It is a place where children can explore freely, with all stake-holders contributing  to make TALC a powerful envoiroment, enabling each child to discover themselves and proudly say "I am WHO I AM!"


Our Story

TALC, a heartwarming venture started in 2017 to nurture young minds where they can explore various aspects of their intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional abilities without the fear of labels, criticism or retribution.


Today's environment expects children to prove themselves academically at all times, irrespective of their stage of life and the unique challenges that come with it.

When the founder Latha's first born suffered at the hands of the system, she decided to take things into her hand and TALC was born with passionate thinkers, experts, parents and mentors who firmly believed in each child's uniqueness.


What Makes Us Special

Our Mentors

A first time, where post graduates in Psychology are recruited as mentors! Sensitivity cannot be taught but skill of teaching a subject can be.

Child Mentor Ratio

1:7 at the max is the ratio that we have at school that each child is understood and supported individually. The ratio goes down depending upon how much support the child needs, either emotionally or intellectually or just plain attention that the child enjoy.

Mentor to child ratio -  1:7 and  1:4


"Extracurricular" - What's that?

At TALC, Sports, Play back theatre, Creative Art, Soil work, Music, Body movement work, Yoga, Indian Ethos, Dance and many more activities are very much a part of the curriculum. Childrens' various interests are supported by connecting with experts in the field.

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Community, Choice and Connections

The three cornerstones of TALC's existence are


Community & 


The connection among parents, children, mentors, and the expert community, unite to foster happy learners and create cherished memories.


The "community" when rooted in "choice,"  fosters "connections" that are cherished and celebrated!


The formation of SELF

We value the "identity" that children want to create for themselves. Our endeavour is to provide all that it takes to enable children to reach their full potential.  Mentoring  internships, expert guidance and unstructured time and space allows each child to just be. 


We do not call it "inclusion" as we believe that inclusion exists only in the presence of exclusion.

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