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The academic framework comprises of two levels – 

i) Learning as a Life Skill 

ii) Learning for Certification (10th & 12th and other grades)


Learning as a Life Skill is tailored for every child based on what their interests. It also includes skills you would need in the everyday life.  

The certification framework is derived from NIOS & CAMBRIDGE, and every child will appear as a private candidate for the examination

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Children are nurtured at TALC by mentors who are qualified in the fields of psychology, humanities, or social sciences. 

Play-back Theatre is also a key component at TALC 

This helps TALC to be far more human-centric in their approach and pedagogy than most professionals in field of education.

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We want diversity so we change the activities every year - this year it is Kickboxing, a stand-up combat sport, historically developed from karate with core elements of boxing.  

Yoga, Table-tennis & Dance are the other forms of physical activities are offered at  TALC. 

All this works towardas their stamina, coordination, gross motor skills, strength, and well, let's face it, self-defense is important.

Students indicate their love for a sport and we bring it into TALC.

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We ensure that the children get to go on multiple trips through the year; each with a different theme to it. A child needs to be able to unwind, enjoy and face situations which get them to improvise (all under supervision of course).

Pot-lucks, Festival Celebrations, Movie Screenings, Nature-themed Activities, Sports, Shopping visits and Pyjama Parties are just a few of the of fun-filled events of our students experience.

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