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Programs at TALC are not prescriptions but invitations to our young minds.

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While we refer to mainstream academic framework, we don't believe in "following"! 

We are an "alternative" learning space because what we really care about is being child-centric.  


This means our approach is completely based on the belief that children need to be allowed to learn and progresses at their own pace, without any pressure, prescriptions, comparison or conditions.

Hence, at TALC we handhold children to empower them to be able to understand and master learning, in a method they believe, suits them the best - be it methods like Montessori, Waldorf, Experiential methods, Internships, Outdoor, Rote-learning or a combination of the above! We respect and acknowledge that every child is intelligent to hear and understand themselves and accept our role is to facilitate their journey with trust and love. 

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The Basic Structure of Work

B-M-I System


The academic framework comprises of two levels -

1. Learning as a Life Skill 


2.Learning for Certification (10th & 12th and other grades)


TALC's human-centric approach is about  

1. Mentors from the field of psychology

2. Who know how work with the minds along with the subjects.

At TALC nothing is more than the child.

Physical Activities

Stamina, coordination, gross motor skills, strength, and selfdefense is important.


Kickboxing, yoga, dance, table-tennis and various other activities are a part of the curriculum.

Travel & Festivities

Pot-lucks, festival celebrations, watching movie, nature walks, shopping visits, pyjama parties are just a few of the of fun-filled events our students experience.

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CBSE offers socially & culturally relevant concepts and content.

A well thought of curriculum from the NCERT framework helps children master the art of succeeding in standardised exams.



Cambridge curriculum allows children to deep-dive into concepts and learn connecting them to real life practices. Experiential learning and global perspective is an added  advantage.

Board Exam


National Institute of Open Schooling as a board offered a variety of subjects to chose from. Children write exams as private candidates enabling them to chose unconventional combinations of subjects.

Board Exam


IGCSE exams are most relevant for children who wish pursue their studies in international universities.

Interesting subjects and an innovative way of assessment is the hallmark of  IGCSE board exams. 

Children appear for exams as private candidates  

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The Curriculum Framework



We do take assessments seriously but not as a measure of child's abilities or achievements but as a notice board for us to understand how to take things forward for each child. We don't stop at academics but with all factors that foster holistic development.

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