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We are a community!


TALC is an alternative learning space, which moves away from the typical regular schools and systems, and firmly believes in the power of 'We' the community. The growth and development of the child is a process which is achieved best when everyone involved comes together, the parents and the educators.

Today, TALC is movement, offering a comprehensive, integrated curriculum that responds to a child’s age-specific, developmental needs - BMI model, and academics is rendered using the NIOS & CAMBRIDGE curriculum framework.  

Both the above boards facilitate child-centricity by allowing children to pick and chose subjects of their choice, without any restrictions, allows them to write exams as private candidates which again allows each child to enjoy the exam writing process without the pressure that comes with "exams". 

Our Vision

Every child to be understood, respected, and allowed to be who they are, empowered by their abilities to grow into a unique personality and in a way their heart desires and proudly say ...



Our Mission

  • To be the pioneers of child-centric education in the country 

  • Child Sensitized education & move away from curriculum centric education

  • To harness the power of culture, native intelligence and worldly, intellectual knowledge for children to evolve into intelligent, wholesome adults 

  • To create an environment where parents, children & experts converge to nurture children into tomorrow’s future leaders and respected citizens

  • To provide children with mentors who guide the child with understanding and respect and overturn the one-directional teaching methodology practiced today.

Our Values

Child Sensitized

We refocus education solely on the child’s happiness, involvement, style of learning, and pace to ensure a holistic development of the child 

Respect and Regard 

We will stand up for our children to be treated and respected for their individual composition and take pride in their uniqueness. Every child is unique & the journey is their own! 


Every child should be in complete harmony with oneself – their physique, their emotions, and their intellectual capabilities. 


Equitable Efforts

Every child deserves individual focused attention to suit their needs and wishes.

Framework with flexible approaches

The curriculum will be for the framework of reference but will be used with the most flexible, focused, and individualistic approach, a tailor-made program for each student.

TALC's Uniqueness
 Mentoring, not Teaching

We at TALC believe that the next generation needs mentors and guides rather than conventional teachers. 

We prioritize developing a bond, rapport building before we get down to the academics. The child need to feel safe and comfortable to explore anything under the sun.

Our mentors are from the fields of psychology and humanities who understand the value of EQ & emotions and who value in having a bond with children they work with.

The Repertoire @ TALC

TALC offers the following to every student who is a part of the community –

  • Kickboxing

  • Yoga

  • Theatre & Drama Lab

  • Lifeskills Training 

  • Academic Work & mentoring –  NIOS & Cambridge Curriculum framework

  • Activity and application-based approach towards lessons 

  • Multimodal teaching

  • Arts and Creative Crafts

  • Yoga and Indian Ethos 

  • Library

  • Internship &  Skill Development

  • Carpentry, Soil-work & Block Printing

  • Clubs - Public Speaking, MUN, Coding

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