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Ms Latha  G

Founder & Director

Latha is a specialist in the field of child sensitivity, which has been her pursuit since 2007. Before switching careers, she completed her MBA and worked as a consumer market research expert. She was nominated for Femina's Social Impact Award for her Child Sensitivity workshops, and she is currently pursuing a certificate in Transactional Analysis with a focus on both education and therapy. She's working on her master's degree in psychology. TALC is her second foray into the field of child sensitivity and education.


Mr Mobin V Mathew


Operations are headed by Mr. Mobin V Mathew. He holds a Masters in Psychology and two Bachelor's degrees; the former is from Desales University, Pennsylvania & the latter, a Bachelor's in Economics, Sociology, and Psychology.

He also has a certification in SLD from the Brindavan institute & leadership training by Common Purpose Meridian, an international training organization. 

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Ms Sudipta


Centres Coordinator

A graduate in Textile Design and holder of a B.Ed, she is every child’s safety zone, confidante, discipline master, guide, and mentor. A fantastic cook who pampers children with her culinary skills every single day, children love her not only for the success they achieve in work but also because they experience “true acceptance”!


Mr Krishna Bhat

Regional Coordinator 

An alumnus of King’s College London, he is a rare combination of skill, tenacity and sensitivity & is a role model for children to look up to. He is on a mission to simplify Math and make enjoyable to all - students and mentors alike. 


Ms Anvita

Student Collaborator

She describes herself as a "lost child who helped to do the website and got stuck on the monkey-bar shortly after".
In reality, her contribution to bringing in the spirit of TALC into this website is incredible.
She is already onto her next project - TALC student's Online Journal! 


Ms Jenita J

Team Lead & Mentor

A postgraduate in Psychology, Jenita's involvement with each child's learning journey is unbeatable. Sensitive and object-oriented, Jenita simply manages to bring out the best in each child.


Mr Mebin Mathew

Team Lead

Native intelligence, dexterity & attention to detail is a rare and winning combinations. Mebin has given shape to TALC's ambitious Carpentery & Block Printing units. He is the man behind TALC's innovative and child-safe environments.

He is as much a favourite with his students as he is among his teammates.

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Mr Justin Thomas 

Team Lead 

Justin is a favourite among his students as he is a fun-loving teacher and a supportive mentor at the same time. He has completed his Master's in Psychological Counselling from Kristu Jayanti College and was part of the NSS and student council at Loyola Academy. His innovative ideas for team building & unconditional support for TALC’s vision make him an invaluable team member.

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