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"I like to interact with my teachers and I like to listen to them and I like to talk with my friends.

I like kickboxing and dancing"

Ms Yukthi

Yukthi's Parents - N & A

"We feel really lucky to have discovered TALC, it's one of the best things that has happened to us. 

The teachers are very friendly and caring

Our daughter adjusted to the new school within no time

The teaching methodology is holistic, it covers all aspects of child development.

the one thing that I have observed in TALC that is different from other schools is the level of commitment, patience, and the passion of teachers in giving their best to the students.

Every child is felt included and no one is left behind"

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The best years of our lives (Arya & Me) were 0 to 3 years and 12 to 14 years. Arya is now 14. Enjoying every day @TaLC.

No school was able to bring him out of his shell and it was overwhelming to see how in a week he was all with wide-open eyes waiting to go back. 

            @TALC is his 4th school and its undoubtedly the best decision we have made for him. He is holistically growing. He is independent, self-driven, motivated, and exponentially grown, thanks to everyone in the TaLC family who have helped him break his silence. He yearns to come to school. 

            @TALC has taught me and him as a parent and child, helped us grow together. Thanks, guys. You are awesome.. 

Arya & mom Vinutha

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TLC has shaped my daughter- Tamanna’s confidence in academics and in bringing out the creativity in her.

I have witnessed my daughter’s transformation from being reluctant to read and write due to very low confidence in herself and now embracing studies as an easy task for her.

Tamanna is guided by her well-experienced Mentors who go that extra mile in ensuring that her body mind and intellect are in sync, which I believe is the most important element in learning. The Individual Learning Plan, concept-based Teaching, and creative ways of Learning in TLC have brought out the best in Tamanna. As a parent, I couldn’t ask for more!

Tamanna's Mom Devi 

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